Mobile Shredder (Central)

Feeding System with four drums 2 drums having Disc cutter for cutting of crop stalks from the bottom & remaining for support of continuous feeding of crop stalks for cutting.

Special material Disk Cutters and Main Blades

Two Heavy Metal Wheels for Adjusting Different cutting Lengthof crop and machine Support

Special Design Heavy Duty Gearbox

Heavy duty fly wheel with proper balancing & Mounted with six blades

Heavy Tines for Remove Crop roots from deep soils

Design of Machine

  • It's specially design to tackle different type of crops and field conditions with longer life
  • There are mainly two systems, Feeding & Shredding
  • Easy to transfer from one place to another with tractor and no need to hinge to the main body


  • Being Central Drive it is very easy to operate
  • More Mileage with Less wear & tear of tractor tyre
  • Removes root while chopping of stalk

Use of chopped material

  • Retaining Soil Moisture & Improving Soil Structure
  • As Organic Manure & for Particle Board, Fodder, Bio Fuel & Paper pulp etc.


  • Most suitable for cutting of cotton, castor, chilly and other similar crops.


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