Single Speed Gearbox

Durable Brackets

Option of L or C Type Blade

PTO shaft with shear bolt

Durable Hull / Chasis

Butterfly type trailing board

Option of gear or chain drive


Special Features

  • Saves Fuel & Time
  • Low Maintenace Cost
  • Suitable for wet and dry land
  • Robust & Sturdy structure
  • Reduces Load on tractors
  • Maintains Moisture Level of Soil
  • Ideal  for Crops like Cotton, wheat, Ground Nut, Sugarcane, Rice, Vegetables, etc.


Machine Efficiency May Vary Based On Soil Conditions.
Weight Of Chain Drive Rotary Tiller Is Aps. 5 Kgs. Less Than Similar Gear Drive Model.
Weight Of Universal Joint (PTO) Is Apx. 12 Kgs. Which Is Not Included In Above Weight.

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